Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tikolo Happy with Role Of Underdogs

Well, there is only one sleep to go until the four match series against Bangladesh is underway, and I for one am getting very excited. This is the latest article on Cricinfo about the series. It basically rehashes what the earlier articles from the Daily Star, and Nation had to say on Kenya's arrival. Basically that Kenya are just happy to be playing ODIs again. Tikolo I feel is playing the underdog card very well here. He is taking the pressure off his players while building it up on the Bangladesh team. Make no mistake though, behind the mild manner and calm words, there is plenty of determination. Kenya's older players are fighters, and will have instilled the same mentality in the youth. If you need evidence of Tikolo's expectations from this tour, look no further than his feelings on the 2-2 result from Zimbabwe. While the weight of expectation was that Zimbabwe should have beaten Kenya, Tikolo was candid in his feelings, and thought that we should have won 3-1. He did not have the best tour himself, and will almost certainly intend to make ammends in Bangladesh.
According to the Daily Star in this article, the locals in Bogra are so far not overly enthused about the coming ODI. Judging by the sheer volume of traffic on the Bangla Cricket forum, I am not so sure about this, but we shall see when the gates open tomorrow. While I am mentioning Bangla cricket, I might add that I can see why Tikolo likes to play his professional cricket in Bangladesh. I was asked to do a guest thread there, and despite being an opposition fan, I have been treated with nothing but courtesy by all the members. If their actual hospitality is anything at all like this, it must be a wonderful country to visit.

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