Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who Will Take The Field For Kenya?

With one day to go, here is my proposed batting line up for the first One Day International against Bangladesh:
  1. Kennedy Otieno(wkt). A no-brainer really. He has made this spot his own, and showed good form in Zimbabwe. With better pitches in Bangladesh, hopefully Kennedy can add to his haul of ODI Centuries tomorrow. His glove work has also reportedly improved heaps since the stint with Rod Marsh, so while they have seen him before, his improvement may give Bangladesh a bit of a surprise.
  2. Tanmay Mishra. He opens in the domestic comp, and he is one of the youngsters who really looks like he can step up to the level we need. this is a problem spot for Kenya, and I think Mishra deserves a chance. It is a lot better than wasting his talent down the order.
  3. Hitesh Modi. Great to see him back in the side. He can be a bit slow to score at times, but he has the experience to overcome that if needed. He also knows what it feels like to beat Bangladesh.
  4. Steve Tikolo(cpt). Could be key to Kenya's chances. He narrowly missed out on a century in Zimbabwe, lets hope he can make at least one in Bangladesh. His spin will also come in handy for the middle overs. I would like to see him bowl more than he did in Zimbabwe, especially as he should know the opposition weaknesses.
  5. Thomas Odoyo(v.cpt). Showed form with the bat in Zimbabwe, and we need this to continue in Bangladesh. I believe he is capable of an ODI Century, lets hope that he can do it this series. Will be key for Kenya with the ball. If he can make inroads at the top of the Bangladesh innings, that will heap the pressure on their middle order.
  6. Maurice Ouma. I know he didn't perform in Zimbabwe, but he has the talent to do well. He may find it easier to play his strokes lower down the order.
  7. Kalpesh Patel. Missed out in Zimbabwe, and thouroughly deserves his chance. Will add depth to the batting, as well as giving a genuine swing option to Tikolo. One of the best fielders in the side.
  8. Jimmy Kamande. Showed great spirit with the bat on the last tour, and will give Tikolo an extra spin option if the pitch warrants it. He is also a great fielder. If it is more of a seamers pitch, Tony Suji might be a better choice here.
  9. Collins Obuya. On the proviso that he has regained his form. If he has, he could potentially terrorise the Bangladeshis with his leg spin. If he is still a bit wobbly, then I would have Tony Suji here instead.
  10. Peter Ongondo. In great form in Zimbabwe where he took the most wickets of the series. This will be tougher competition however, but he should be able to step up.
  11. Martin Suji. Excellent to have a tight strike bowler back in the side. Many of Thomas Odoyo's wickets have been helped by Suji in the past, and the resumption of their bowling partnership is great news for Kenya.

12th man/Super Sub: If this is to be used, then whoever misses out on the number 8 spot out of Kamande and Suji.

In related news, it appears that Bangladesh's captain may have to miss the match due to his mother being in hospital. We wish her well, and a speedy recovery.


Hossain said...

You know about your team lot better than we do, but I think the team needs experienced batters at the top, considering Bangladesh pace attack has improved a lot recently. How about Otieno and Modi opens and Tony Suji comes in onedown?

Hossain said...

BTW, does the word Otieno has any meaning?

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate.. Just wanted to let you know that you're doing a great job with blogging Kenya cricket... Keep up the good work!

Also wanted to know, is it theoretically still possible for Kenya to qualify for the Champions Trophy??


Peace out mate....

Shaneabbas Merali said...

No way mate, Otieno and Mirsha are good enough to open. Modi adds depth and solidarity amongst our middle order. Tony Suji is better lower down the order as well. Banlgas are lucky that Ravindu is injured and that Odumbe is not available due to his suspension and the fact that our best young batsman was left back in Kenya or else...need i say more?

Chemosit said...

Hossain - I hope you are just rying to stir me up with the Suji at 3 line. No I disagree, opening with someone who is unused to the position would do no good however experienced. Modi is not an opener, Mishra is. The other options are Ouma and David Obuya, but Mishra is to my mind the stronger.

Anon - thanks mate. I will post on the mathematics of it very soon, but yes we can if my understanding of the rules is correct.

Chemosit said...

will get back to you on what Otieno means. It is however a common name amoung his tribal grouping.

Shaneabbas - you are referring to Amit Bhudia am i right?

Shaneabbas Merali said...

yes i am refering to Amit B. Imagine this K Otieno, R Shah, A Bhudia, S Tikolo, M Odumbe, H Modi, T Odoyo, T Mirsha, C Obuya, P Ongondo, M Suji.
This side would certainly beat Banglas, Perfect balance with depth in the batting till Colins, plus a number of bowling option with Suji, Odoyo to open the bowling, Ongondo to provide back up. Collins, Steve and Odumbe and Mirsha can call bowl as well. Wouldnt that be just the perfect line up? Scare a few of the Bigger Boys in world cricket at well