Monday, March 13, 2006

Greatest Match Of All Time

It has been a long time coming, but finally a team has managed to score more than 400 in an ODI. Having put on a massive 4-434, Australia could have been forgiven for thinking they had the game won. Hirschelle Gibbs however led a fantastic run chase for the South Africans to overhaul the target with 1 ball and 1 wicket to spare.
Why am I posting on this here? First, it is a phenomenal achievement from both batting line-ups. To get past 400 is a huge milestone, and both teams did what no one else has so far done convincingly. This would not be a self respecting cricket site if I didn't give it the recognition it is due. Second, it relegates to third place, what had been an embarrassing record for Kenya: conceding the most runs in a match. Previously, the record stood at 398, conceded by Kenya at the hands of Sri Lanka in 1996. After yesterdays performances, and what is already being dubbed 'the greatest match of all', Kenya no longer holds this unwanted title. India hate to be outdone in cricket, and with their line-up would be a good pick for the next team to reach 400, and Australia will want to remove their name from this record too. Soon, Kandy and 1996 will be but a hazy memory. Excellent news for cricket, and excellent news for Kenyan pride.

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