Friday, March 31, 2006


Rod Lyall of Cricket Europe points out a couple of errors in my previous post:

"The draw points rule comes into effect when eight hours have been lost, not eight overs (there's quite a difference!). And actually, no overs have been lost as yet. Play was extended until 6.13 yesterday because of the break for rain, and with the change of innings the target for the day was 94 overs. Kenya had bowled 39, so the Dutch needed to bowl 55 in order to keep up with the required rate of 16 per hour. The half-hour extension rule still applied, light permitting. They managed 52 by 6.18, when the umpires took them off because of the light (actually more the setting sun causing problems than the light itself). So they're three short, but the rate is measured over the whole innings, and they therefore have the chance to catch up today."
Oops. Thanks Rod - note to self triple check facts before posting.

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