Sunday, March 26, 2006

Holland in Control

D Reekers has struck twice in the last ten overs to have Kenya reeling on 3-50 after 15. S Maheshwari was the first to go, clean bowled, then the Dutchman hit again to remove Hafeez Manji caught by Kervezee for 9. Malhar Patel continues on 13, while he joined at the crease by his namesake Brijal. If Kenya 'A' are to have any hope of winning this match, one of these two is really going to have to come up with a superb innings. The required run rate has now crept over a run a ball. As it is midnight in Sydney, and I'm working tomorrow, I'm off to bed, but Cricket Europe is updating the score every 5 to 10 overs. I hope I wake up to better news than I expect tomorrow.

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