Friday, March 31, 2006

Wet Pitch Delays Cause Controversy

With umpires deciding that the pitch in Nairobi is too dangerous to play on due to a wet patch just short of a length, controversy is brewing in Nairobi. Holland are justifiably furious, but realistically, until the umpires decide the pitch is safe, there is really no choice. The wet patch was caused by seepage under the mat during the overnight rain, and is far more likely to be an accident than anything else. It caused the match to be delayed this morning, and then suspended after a short pitched ball came off it and nearly decapitated Odoyo. Adding fuel to the fire, Tikolo refused an offer by van Troost the Dutch skipper to take an early lunch, not that it would actually make much difference anyway, but Kenya - holland matches may in future have a bit more than just the result at stake. Cricket Europe will no doubt be carrying live coverage as and when it resumes.

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Qayam Kassamali said...

anyone knows what the new cricket kenya logo looks like?