Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shameless Self-promotion

Kenyacricket has again being mentioned in Dispatches by afromusing (cross posted on global voices ) who have given me a glowing write up. I am now classed as an indispensable resource for cricket fans. Yeah baby!
Thanks for some of this must however go to those involved with cricket in Kenya who have been so good at keeping me up to date, especially Samir Inamdar from Cricket Kenya, and Shailesh from Nakuru. Now all I need is for the NPCA to get on the bandwagon, and CCA to correspond more regularly, and we will be there in terms of coverage.
It is also coming up to award time for Kenyan Bloggers as well, with nominations open for the Kaybees. I think I might be shameless enough to nominate myself for the Best New Blog, but haven't quite decided. Shame there is not a category for Sports Blog. Anyway, because no one else is likely to say this for me:
Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for me!
Shameless enough for you? ...... Excellent!
Maybe I should run for parliament next elections too...

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