Friday, March 31, 2006

Patel Out as Reekers Strikes Again

Kenya are in real trouble now. 2-49, and still more than 400 runs adrift of Holland's total. Steve Tikolo is the next man in, and he is going to have to play the innings of his life if Kenya are to avoid a heavy defeat. He has upset a few people today and yesterday by his bowling selections, and now is the time to atone. If he can bat Kenya out of disaster, he may well be forgiven, but it will take a superb effort. I hope he still has it in him. I don't. It is past midnight, so I'm taking my bat and ball and going to bed. I shall lull myself to sleep by repeating over and over: "Tomorrow is another day. It will all be all right" until my wife refuses to put up with it anymore and relegates me to the couch.
Tomorrow is anoth....


Msafiri mwema said...

Hey Nick,
I think u r tickling. How on earth did u get your name? Chemosit? Funny really. I just thought i could get to know where in Kenya u come from. Are you one of those Nairobi Yuppies, who always want to forget their roots?

Chemosit said...

Hey Msafiri,
Lol @ Nbi Yuppy - actually I'm from Limuru, but close enough (though I have not forgotten where I came from). I got the name through my Dad, and a Kipsigis called Stephen who used to tell me tales of Chemosit aka 'The Nandi Bear' when I was little. It always stuck in the imagination since.