Monday, March 27, 2006

Your Best Player From 2nd ODI Vs. Bangladesh

Voting has closed for the best player in game two, and again it was fairly conclusive as to whom was your best player.
Tanmay Mishra polled best with 50% of the vote for his top scoring 33. The next couple of places were harder fought. Hitesh Modi just scraped in second with 15%, while David Obuya and Peter Ongondo came in equal third with 12% each. Martin Suji (9%) and Thomas Odoyo (2%) completed the list of players who recieved votes.
This means that the 3 primary points for the match go to Tanmay Mishra, 2 to Hitesh Modi, and 1 each to David and Peter. Thanks to all those who voted, and don't forget, voting for each match closes one week after stumps.

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