Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ongondo Out

Peter Ongondo is out with Kenya still needing another 11 runs to be safe from the follow on. A fantastic effort by the number 9 when you consider that he has shared a 123 run partnership with his captain. A great shame he could not continue on, but he has shown true grit, and not for the first time when Kenya are in a crisis. Whether we have to bat again, or by how much we lose this match, Peter Ongondo can yet again hold his head high in the knowledge he did his best. His innings lasted 156 minutes and brought 37 valuable runs for Kenya. Batting for two and a half hours is a great effort by a batsman so low in the order, and should illustrate to some of those who came and went before him what was required. Kenya in trouble still, but at least we are now going down fighting, not with a wimper.

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