Friday, March 31, 2006

Kenya Face Follow On

Not only did Kenya experience a mauling at the hands of Holland's batsmen yesterday, they also crumbled to 5-135 in the final session leaving them needing another 190 runs to avoid the humiliation of being made to follow on. Holland have looked in complete control of this match almost since the word go. They struck either side of tea through Reekers to have Kenya wobbling at 2-50, then Tony Suji was clean bowled by Schiferli for 11 not offering a shot. Kenya in real trouble, and I won't even go into Suji's dismissal further...
Tanmay Mishra then made his way to the crease, but also fell cheaply for 16 when he edged to the slips. A shame for him as he had made a start, but at least his partnership with Tikolo added a further 35 runs to the Kenyan total, 4-85. Collins Obuya was the next batsman in, but was bowled by off spinner Muhammad Kashif for 9. His partnership with Tikolo, who is so far batting well, was worth 40 taking the total to 5-125. Tikolo, who is now batting with all-rounder Thomas Odoyo reached his 50 a couple of overs before stumps, a small bright spark, on an otherwise gloomy day for the hosts.
Tikolo and Odoyo will need to produce their very best for Kenya tomorrow, with the first target to reach 325 to avoid the follow on. With yesterday's performance by Holland, all hope of a Kenyan victory is now pretty much out the window, and the Dutch are all but confirmed as winning the first innings. This means Holland have already earned 6 points for the match and stand to gain another 14 if they win. There are no points for a draw, but Kenya can at least minimise the damage if they can somehow hold on and prevent the Dutch winning. So far, 5 overs have been lost to rain. Kenya's only hope for points at the moment is if another 3 are lost and they draw the match. This would then give both teams 3 points. With provisions to make up for lost time, this is unlikely, especially as the weather gods have not exactly shown a tendency to favour Kenya at all in the last couple of years.
All the best to Kenya today. I hope to have something happier to report on when I get back from work tonight. In the meantime, those wishing to follow the match will find a live scorecard at Cricket Europe.

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